Inspiring Women

Double Colt Homestead – Brooke Cartwright

Brooke is an inspiration to me because of her ability to balance homesteading, ranching, grad school and so much more. She is a wife, mother, runs longhorn cattle with her husband and has her side business making all natural goat's milk products. She uses all natural ingredients (which I LOVE) and creates quality products that… Continue reading Double Colt Homestead – Brooke Cartwright


Minimalism & 5 Tips for Beginners

Now, some are probably wondering what minimalism and cowboying have in common. Well, it seems to me, after meeting many cowboys and cowboygirls from across the country; most hired hands who often move from ranch to ranch over the years; practice some form of minimalism whether they know it or not. For them to realistically… Continue reading Minimalism & 5 Tips for Beginners