Inspiring Women

The Top 5 Inspiring Women on Instagram of 2018

This year has been a big year of growth and transformation on my journey. I found a lot of my self worth again. I figured out more good influences and ditched a lot of bad.

These 5 women have been GOOD influences on my journey, and I truly believe God has used their posts, shows and podcasts in my life this year! So go give them a follow too!

1. Fallon Taylor

Fallon is #1 on my list because Fallon’s “Passion Project” really got the ball rolling for me this year. I started really focusing on what I wanted to make out of life, and cracking down on my big dreams instead of letting them float by. I then got HOOKED on her Podcast, and needless to say the Podcast has literally changed my life. I took a new job, moved to a new town, changed my circle and really got closer to God through all of it. I stopped settling, started focusing on the good I can bring to folks. I don’t think I can ever thank Fallon enough for that!

#2 Jenna Kutcher

So Fallon’s Passion Project led me to seek more Boss Babes to follow… Enter Jenna. Jenna’s “Goal Digger Podcast” became my daily “study session”. She provides such helpful tips, tricks, mini classes and so much more! Not to mention she is a Godly woman who really helps change entrepreneurs lives. It’s encouraging, inspiring and educational listening to the Podcast; and I have TOTALLY fallen in love with her little family as I’ve followed their Journey! Listening to her and seeing her posts has also really helped me learn to love my body more because God did made our bodies to do amazing things! Thank you Jenna!

#3 Meghan Lynn Gates

So the more I became active on IG, the more I saw Meghan’s posts and the more she encouraged me. I was not in a good relationship, and struggling HARDCORE with Christ when I began my journey this year. Meghan’s posts not only encouraged me, but gave me hope that God has a plan for me and the pain I have been through. I even messaged Meghan and she connected with some really encouraging words. I always am excited to see her posts, I mean let’s be honest, every cowboygirl wants a relationship as adorable as Meghan and Cody’s! But, more importanly, she talks REAL TALK about Marriage centered in Christ and being a light to others. She’s brought me so much hope over this year, even with the rough season she went through, which is an incredibly strong thing to do. Share joy, be a light and provide hope when going through such deep personal pains. She was a MUST HAVE on this list! Not to mention she has some AWESOME photos and recipes she shares!

#4 Sadie Robertson

If you don’t remember Sadie from Duck Dynasty or Dancing With The Stars, you probably don’t have cable. But Sadie is now grown into a woman of her own, and is an Author and preaches some of the most amazing, right-to-a-woman’s-heart sermons I have ever heard. She is passionate about Christ and the Gospel and it carries through. I am always excited to see her posts, and one post in particular on dealing with pain REALLY helped me rip off some bandaids and get real with Jesus this year. This girl is so on fire and it is amazing to watch.

#5 Jada Pinkett Smith

If you haven’t seen Jada’s show Red Table Talk… go search it on Facebook RIGHT NOW. Jada talks about some serious topics, topics most people are terrified to dive into. She always talks from a place of love, and she focuses on the journey. I love folks who can get deep, and Jada is an ocean. Its been encouraging and inspiring to follow along, but has also really made me realize how much more we as people need to be able to sit down, and lovingly, kindly, have real conversations about real topics. Our world is suffocating in anger, and suffering in so many ways and REAL TALK like this helps us Grow. So thank you Jada for showcasing these topics, be an example of how to talk about them in a healthy way and how important it is!

I have tagged all these women on the Cowgirl Philosophy instagram if you would like to follow them as well, I promise you will be inspired and encouraged as much as I have!

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