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Mandy Frank Photography – Mandy Frank

I have followed Mandy online for a long time now. I love her simple and honest approach to life on the range. They say that if you look at what a photographer photographs, you can see what they love most. Mandy’s love of family and ranching is very obvious. She is down to earth and passionate, and her photography truly reflects that.

1. Tell me about yourself! Did you grow up in the Western Industry? Where are you now and what do you do outside of your craft?

I was raised on my family’s ranch in western Wyoming, I always loved the lifestyle and knew I wanted to be apart of it somehow. After I married my husband I moved with him to central Wyoming, to live on his family ranch and that is where we have been ever since. I spend my days ranching with my husband and raising our 3 kids.

2. Tell me about your craft! When and/or how did you become passionate about it? When did you decide to pursue it as a business?

My mom was a hobby photographer which got me interested. I had a camera with me from a young age but never pursued it. After my kids were born I started getting back into photography, I liked having a hobby that I could do and be with them plus the bonus of getting ALOT of shots of their lives. I loved being able to carry a camera with me and capture the beauty I saw everyday. As people started being interested in my work I started thinking more seriously about selling photographs and started a webpage, I’m still learning and it is still just a hobby but it is growing all the time.

3. What’s the best part about being a female entrepreneur? Any advice for girls out their wanting to start their own business?

I love showing my daughters that women can do anything they want. We are out working right along side the men, day in and day out, I just happen to pack a camera while doing it.
Advice? If your passionate about it and have a real drive to make something from it go for it, never wonder what if…

4. What’s the most difficult part about your craft?

The most difficult part is making yourself stand out, in this social media and digital era it is easy for everyone to post photos. There are some really great ranch photographers out there doing what I do, so finding your style and making yourself look different from everyone else can be a struggle, one I still work on every time I shoot.

5. What do you love most about the western lifestyle? How has your passion for the western lifestyle influenced your craft?

I love the people it creates, hard working, self sufficient people. I always knew its how I wanted to raise my kids, ranch kids are just great kids.
It has influenced my in every way and everyday. It’s why I do what I do, I get to ride in beautiful country on beautiful horses with fabulous people and I just want to share a little piece of that with whoever might be interested.

6. What’s your best advice for girls wanting to learn your craft?

It’s a great time to learn photography, digital allows us instant photos, to know what is working and what is not, so get out there learn and just shoot and keep shooting!

7. Whats your personal life “philosophy”?

Enjoy life! Work hard and laugh a lot. So much can be accomplished with hard work and a smile.

Find Mandy on Instagram @mandyfrankwyo

Or visit her photography site!

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